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Slides on Many Faces of Security will be added by 12/03/2016

To further students knowledge of Linux based operating systems, Free Open Source Softwares, Tools & To inform and discuss advancements in computing technology.

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We sincerely collect the members feedback about sessions and try to come with the sessions which are most in demand


From this fall semester onwards, we will be allocating projects to buld something great from scratch

Past Sessions

Install Fest
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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Install Fest

The maiden session of JU LUG took place on 17th February. The session started with an key note introduction from Dr. Sarmistha Neogy about the scope & motive of Linux & FOSS followed by a presentation on Ubuntu 14.04 with our Google Student Ambassador Soham Chakrabarti. Next, Ubuntu 14.04 was insatlled in the machines of members.

Linux File Structures & Bash Commands

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Linux File Structures & Bash Commands

This session was on familiarising yourself with Linux Bash Commands, Terminals & Basic Linux File Structure. The Presentation was delivered by Parijat Roy

After that a Fedora Cloud Engineer & Python Developer Kushal Das gave a guest lecture on Upstream Contributions
Web Design - I (HTML & CSS)

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Web Design - I

Funadmentals of HTML & CSS were discussed by Arnab Mitra
After that Saikat Basak gave a guset lecture on Computer Vision & Open CV Projects. His Projects links are this andthis

Google Summer of Codes

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Google Summer of Codes

The session started with Guest Lecture from Dr. Goutam Paul. He Discussed idea behinf Open Source Contributions and Google Summer Code. Later Satyaki Chakrabarti gave a presentation of GSOC Application procedure and all other important details

Angular JS & Dynamic Webpages

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Angular JS

Session on Angular JS and dynamic Webpage development was delivered by Mohonish Chakraborty

Cryptography & Open Source Projects

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Cryptography & Open Source Projects

This was an exclusive session for inhouse students of JU. The session was on various open source projects related to computer security & cryptography which can be pursued in the summer break by LUG members. The session was delivered by Dr. Sourav Sengupta

Tentative Schedule

26.08.2015 State of the Art Research Areas of Computer Science Dr. Goutam Paul
You can hear the Full Talk here
09.09.2015 Intel Realsense & Overview of Developer Zone Abhishek Nandy
Slides of the Session
13.01.2016 Introduction to Data Mining Dr. Debapriyo Majumdar
29.01.2016 Install Fest ---
10.03.2016 Faces of Security Dr. Sushmita Ruj

Generally the topic of Lectures will be Linux, Data Sciences & Security.

Would you like to join us & volunteer, just shoot an email to jaduniv.lug@gmail.com

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